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"Milan is home to many different communities, united by a love of nature and a passion to pursue silent sports, such as climbing, skiing, snowboarding, trail running and fly-fishing, at all levels. At Patagonia, every action we take goes back to our mission statement: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. By holding a series of events in this city, surrounded by great wealths of natural beauty, we hope to inspire others in our mission and to be inspired by Milan's energy for experiencing wild places and environmental activism", Ryan Gellert, General Manager, EMEA, Patagonia
'Realizzare il prodotto migliore, non provocare danni inutili, utilizzare il business per ispirare e implementare soluzioni per la crisi ambientale'. Questa la mission aziendale di Patagonia, azienda outdoor riconosciuta per il suo impegno ambientalista. Per diffonderla alla community, il Brand con il supporto di Green Media Lab ha proposto a Milano un ricco palinsesto di eventi e iniziative speciali che hanno invaso la città.


Activations: Strategy support, Public Relations e Social Media Management
Goal: Inspiring a progressive and influential Milan audience with the Patagonia Mission Statement.
Dynamic: Holding a series of events focused on different fields from October, 4th to 14th, with a preview entirely devoted to a fashion audience during Milano Fashion Week. Raising awareness about the brand, creating a media hype pre, during and post-activity in Milan, Italy and Europe. Creating a foundation on which to further grow the Patagonia brand in Italy.
What we have done:
1. STRATEGY SUPPORT According to the input received from the Client (with the brief and the aim of this active ation), Green Media Lab has built a communication strategy, including different tools and channels (media and public events, PR activations and social media activations).
2. PR We supported Patagonia to raise awareness of the mission driving the brand, in Milan and throughout Italy/Europe:
- Creating media hype pre, during and post activity, both in Milan and Italy-wide.
- Media and industry invitation to the 9 events planned in Milan from Oct 4th to 14th.
- Planning and conducting media interviews both with brand ambassadors and with the management to build exclusive contents for top tier.
- Thrift Shop preview: dedicated press evening the day before the opening of the shop to the public to create buzz around the event.
3. SOCIAL PLATFORMS We supported Patagonia on FB and IG during the Milan City Attack Campaign:
- Maximizing reach and exposure with the creation of FB Events supported by ADV.
- Developing a social storytelling made of different contents and formats, such as videos, IG and FB Stories, pics and others.
- Acting with a real time community management, aimed to create a bond with the community, more likely human-human, rather than brand-human.
- Managing a local IG account to involve the local community and an European one to raise awareness.

PR Total journalist attendance: 98 Total media coverage in top tier media and Activist + national and local media: 80 6 unique pieces of coverage on national newspapers. 1 TV report on the international news channel SKY TG24. 11 interviews conducted with Patagonia spokepersons.

SOCIAL PLATFORMS Facebook Events responses: 30k Events total reach: 1.5 million 11 events managed during the 2 weeks. Instagram: IG profile: +70% followers (KPI: +50%).